The St. J. Food Co-op is a community-based, co-operatively owned natural foods store.  It is a great place to buy fresh, local and organic foods, gather to meet and make friends, and be part of a place that aspires to meet the needs of our greater community. 

We offer fresh baked bread, local produce, cage-free eggs, wild fish, pasture-raised meats, boutique and organic wines, Vermont farmstead and imported cheeses, domestic, French and Swiss chocolates, high-quality supplements and the best of local, natural foods, all at affordable prices.

We also carry a large number of items in bulk, such as flours, teas, trail mixes, molasses, herbs—the list just goes on. Come in and meditate over the abundance. To see a listing of all the bulk items we carry, click on "Bulk Items" in the navigation bar.

Members also benefit from our monthly caselot sales. Members can save up to 45% over the normal retail price of a wide range of items, from Castor Dog Cookies through various food and drink items to Avalon Hand and Body Lotion. Check out our case-lot sales listing by clicking on "Case-lots" in the navigation bar.

You can order these items online, by telephone, or by dropping into the Co-op and giving your order to a staff member. If a Co-op member wants to buy a certain item, but doesn't want a full case of that item, the cost of that item can be shared with others who also want a partial case. A sign-up sheet for this procedure is maintained at the Co-op checkout counter.

To keep up with daily events, special deals, and other Co-op news, go to facebook